My Work As A Pseudonym

I was privileged to work for an organization that helped persecuted Christians for a brief period.  While the management of the organization was less than ideal despite its stated mission, the coworkers I had were phenomenal and talented people, most of whom have also moved on to new humanitarian avenues.  I’ll never forget the people we worked with around the world to learn about the experiences they face daily because of their faith or beliefs of equal rights.  Here are a few of the articles I wrote under the pseudonym I was assigned for a brief period (“EMMA LANE”).


Road to US Recognition of Christian Genocide in the Middle East. by: Carey Lodge.


Genocide Waged on Religious Minorities in Syria and Iraq. by: Joseph DeCaro.


US House Foreign Affairs Committee Passes Genocide Resolution Unanimously


Published by

Jennifer Breedon DeMaster

Jennifer Breedon DeMaster is a Federal Law and International Law Attorney, Author, Public Speaker, and Media Commentator.

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