Iran and Baghdad Using U.S. Military Equipment About to Invade Kurdistan

This exclusive footage was shot yesterday on border of Iraq and Kurdistan in the Kirkuk region.  The tanks and trucks lined up are Iraqi forces backed by Iranian support (and using equipment the U.S. earmarked for anti-ISIS fighting) at the border checkpoint to the Kurdistan Region.  The equipment being used in a show of imminent invasion into semi-autonomous Kurdistan is U.S. made and was delivered to Baghdad to fight off ISIS, which has now been neutralized for the most part in Northern Iraq mainly because of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces.


Tensions in the area reached a pinnacle when the Kurdistan region held a vote to show the intent of the people within their borders in desiring independence from the flailing Iranian-backed Iraqi government.  In a vote where each of its “neighbors” lodged threats of violence if the people voted, those in the Kurdistan region (and their residents abroad) stunningly showed a 72% voter turnout in a vote that held 92% YES to be independent from Iranian-back Baghdad government.

The multiple threats and this imminent invasion showing is illegal under the 2005 Iraqi Constitution and international law as a direct retaliation in consideration of an attempted fundamental self-determination right that Kurdistan exercised within their legal capacities.   Kurdistan meets the four elements of the Montevideo Convention statehood requirements and has existed over the past five years as the ONLY  safe place for Christian, Yazidi, and other minorities who found safety from the extremists and terrorists in their respective cities under a free and democratic Kurdistan Regional Government. Christian refugees have been allowed to find work and live freely amongst the Kurds while inter-faith community has been peaceful and free from oppressive and violent Sharia law-inspired elements. Iran’s influence over the Iraqi Central Government has remained a growing threat as the Ayatollah attempts the expansionist regime through Iraq into Syria.

Recently, the Ayatollah built a school within a Christian city near Baghdad, Iraq in a display of solidarity with the Shia-extremist government to wipe out the Christians still living inside Iraq and outside of the safety of the Kurdistan region.

In this Christian village near Baghdad, Iraq, the Ayatollah’s school for shia-extremism and Iranian flag wave high to let the Christian/minority residents know that their freedoms are coming to an end and children will be educated under Iranian regime control. In neighboring Baghdad, 8 churches have been shut down by governing authorities while 3 churches have been built and restored for the minority Christians of Iraq (and Christians from Syria and Iran who escaped to Kurdistan)


File Oct 13, 2 47 18 PM
Iraq’s Prime Minister, Al-Maliki was captured here discussing (in Arabic) why he will threaten invasion of attempt Kurdistan independence stating: “We will never allow another zionist state in the Middle East” (referencing Kurdistan as another democratic, friendly, and western Israel)



Stay tuned for updates on this unfolding situation resulting from a simple opinion poll vote and request to negotiate with Baghdad on the separation terms.

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