Podcast: Eyewitness-My Trip to Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia

JENNIFER was asked to go to Sinai by a researcher who needed help traveling to the region from someone who had traveled to the Middle East previously. Though not an avid researcher of the area or archeological explanations, Jennifer filmed the trip for the researcher’s documentary and was stunned to see something she never imagined. This podcast episode explains that experience. Jennifer DeMaster discusses meeting Ron Wyatt’s team of experts and archaeologists as she was invited to accompany them to the Saudi Arabian locations of Ron Wyatt’s research on the REAL locations of Mount Sinai, Red Sea Crossing and Israelite desert treks.

Here I’m doing Saudi like any smart woman should…. By Day 3, I was back to leggings…
In The Distance: The Rock at Horeb (there didn’t used to be a split in it).
PHOTO CREDIT: Andrew Jones of Discovered Sinai. Check out Andrew’s website at DiscoveredSinai.com. I was able to be with Andrew on this trip.
PHOTO CREDIT: Andrew Jones of Discovered Sinai. Check out Andrew’s website at DiscoveredSinai.com. I was able to be with Andrew on this trip.
Google Earth Image of Alleged Crossing Site – Gulf of Aqaba is offshoot of Red Sea – LEFT is Egypt and RIGHT is Saudi Arabia. Notice the small path through Egypt mountains that lands into a beach clearing dead end into the Sea..

The Well Where Moses First Met Jethro of Midian (According to the Saudis)

I always made sure and MAKE sure to respect the people of the country I’m in and, lest we forget, it is the Saudis God used to keep these locations safe, if not hidden, for just the right time…

Views of Horeb/Sinai

Calf Alter (Idol was placed on top)

Close up of Calf Alter… Can you see it?

Marrah Bitter Springs & Elim’s 12 Wells/70 Palms

Information if you want to know more

Most of these photos are mine, and the majority of footage I took was used for a documentary by Ryan Mauro that has since been aired. For more photos, information or details about these locations, I encourage you to contact Andrew Jones at DiscoveredSinai.com or visit Ron Wyatt’s official website. I can also personally connect you with Mr. Jones if you’d like to request a detailed speaker on the matter. Just fill out the contact form below for more info!

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