Iran Attacks U.S. Ally – Puts Refugee Lives at Risk

10/16/17 – Official Statement from Kurdistan Regional Government:

“Iraqi Forces and [Iranian-backed Popular Mobilization Forces] attack Peshmerga Forces south of Kirkuk
On Sunday, October 15 at approximately 2330 hrs local time Iraqi forces and Iranian-backed Popular Mobilization Forces advanced from Taza Khormatu in south Kirkuk in a major, multi-pronged operation intended to enter the city and take over K1 base and oil fields.
At approximately 0230hrs they attacked Peshmerga Forces from two fronts in the Taza-Kirkuk intersection and Maryam Bag bridge, both south of Kirkuk, using US military equipment, including Abrams tanks and Humvees.
Significant forces have also been deployed to Maktab Khalid intersection south-west of Kirkuk as part of the operation.
Peshmerga Forces have destroyed at least five US Humvees used by PMF. Peshmerga will continue to defend Kurdistan, its peoples and interests. This was an unprovoked attack following days of Iraqi military deployments to Kurdistan’s borders.”
When the Kurdistan Region decided to hold a peaceful vote on their independence, Tehran and Baghdad decried it saying “NO! It will destabilize the fight against ISIS!”
It seems like that was an utter and complete lie.
The “PMF” refers to the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), an Iranian-operated unit modeled and trained by Iran’s IRGC and it includes the Badr Organization, the Hezbollah Brigades, the Martyrs of Sayyid Brigades, Asaib Ahl al-Haq (AAH), and Jund al-Imam.
Days after U.S. media outlets, such as CNN and others, continue to try and debunk Donald Trump’s claims about how Iran is destabilizing the situation in Iraq, Iran’s forces are now invading peacefully and legally held Kurdish areas in the autonomous region of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq where Kurds have kept minorities, Christians, and others safe from ISIS.
For all who have feared for the future of the refugees and minority populations working for freedom and struggling to reach out from under the grasp of the oppressive Iranian regime, this is the story to be watching.
Contact your representatives in government to ensure swift action is taking to stop an invasion that will put millions of vulnerable lives at risk. Kurdistan meets every legal requirement to form a nation and had every legal right to hold an opinion vote of the people which favored independence from Baghdad 92%, peacefully.  There is no legal justification for such an invasion and any use of force, and legal action will be coming soon from Kurdistan on behalf of International attorneys. However, the question remains..
Where is the United States when our allies are invaded by Iranian military forces?

Published by

Jennifer Breedon DeMaster

Jennifer Breedon DeMaster is a Federal Law and International Law Attorney, Author, Public Speaker, and Media Commentator.

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